Must See Tamil Action Movies For this weekend

Must See Tamil Action Movies For this weekend

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Plot of Sardar

The storyline of the movie Sardar is about the conflicting relationship that is shared by a father and a son. There is a conflict in the belief system of the father and son duo. Where the son strongly believes that every action and deed must be published and broadcasted out in the open, the father does not share such thoughts.

Watch the movie to now see how the father-and-on duo resolve their conflict and how they further progress in their relationship.


The plot of pettaikaali

The movie Pettaikaali presents how in a bid to rescue the life of his best friend’s son Anwar, the warden of the hostel, Kaali makes a move against the local goons. However, situations hit south as he is required to face incidents belonging to the past.


Plot of kuthukkupathu

The movie kuthukkupathu presents a day filled with absurd choices in the city of Chennai. This chaos is caused by exuberance along with comradeship. Watch the movie to learn what r coincidences that will arise from this innocent and natural love story. The movie is filled with dark comedy. If you are someone who enjoys watching such movies, then this is a must-watch for you. Add this movie to your list and watch it on aha.

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